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Beautiful gifts for your flower girls

Flower Girls are the female equivalent to the page boy or ring bearer and are usually much younger members of your family or extended families. The role of the flower girl is to lead the bridal procession down the aisle, going before the bridesmaids and maid of honour and often spreading flower petals as she goes, although this is neither necessary nor desirable in some weddings. It is a fantastic little role to give a very young family member, usually three years old and upwards to about eight years old.

There are so many things to think about when planning your wedding. Unless you’ve attended a wedding before, you may not know that it is accepted tradition to buy gifts for certain members of your wedding party as a ‘thank you’ for the help they give you on your special day.

If you have opted to have Flower Girls, either in addition to or instead of bridesmaids, then it is protocol to buy a gift for your flower girls. As they are so young, it can be hard to decide what to buy for them. Brides and Grooms often buy gifts for all of the children that that take part in their wedding, usually things like goody bags, toys and sweets – the kind of gifts that will keep the little ones occupied once the initial excitement wears off and boredom sets in. For your Flower Girls, however, it is important to acknowledge their special role in the day and give them something to remember it by and keep.

There are few things little girls like more than jewellery. For young girls, bling jewellery really should be off limits, as should anything that could be potentially dangerous or include small, loose parts. Our children’s jewellery collection carries a range of suitable gifts for Flower Girls. For very young girls, opt for something they can wear on the day and in everyday life. Keepsakes mean a lot less to younger children than slightly older ones so it makes sense to buy something they will get some use out of, for example, our Dolphin necklace and bracelet set, which comes on an elasticated string – safe and adorable.

For slightly older girls, our multi-coloured range of Alan K Designo pendants are superb Flower Girl gifts – robust enough to be worn every day and stunning enough to be kept as a keepsake if desired. Please note, however, that our children’s jewellery range is only suitable for children aged three years and upwards.

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