Gift Sets

The Little Things In Life are pleased to bring you a range of luxurious gift sets and toiletries in a selection of fragrances and packaging with which you can either pamper yourself or give to friends and family, as they make very acceptable and thoughtful gifts.
Our range of award winning 'Winter In Venice' products are supplied in inventive attractive reusable packaging, so that nothing gets thrown away. You can choose from such things as a watering can, small pail, mini cupboard, miniature bath, hat box, bowl or jewellery case which can be used for a secondary purpose once the gorgeous toiletries have been used up.
The products in this range are made using natural extracts with a base of cocoa butter and with the finest oils, natural extracts and vitamin E which do not contain PARABEN.
Each set is unique in design and is great value for money, while leaving your skin feeling smooth and cleansed.
Our other range comes from a traditional Scottish based company who use, wherever possible, the best natural, local, organic and sustainable ingredients, such as palm and coconut oils, in order to produce the products of the highest quality.