Fascinators for Special Occasions

The wedding season will soon be upon us and ladies lucky enough to have been invited to attend one will be planning their outfit for the special day.  Many will ask, should we wear hats, while hoping the answer will be no.  Many ladies find it difficult to wear hats and in very windy weather it is difficult to keep them on your head.  Many a time a lady has been photographed at a wedding with one hand holding the hat firmly in place!

However, wearing something on your head does finish off an outfit very nicely.  It adds class and style to one's appearance. So, instead of a hat, why not try a fascinator.  Hair fascinators range in size from the petite to the grand and very large elaborate creations often seen at Ladies Day at the races.  They attach to the head either with a comb, a clip or they are on a head band.  The latter is better for ladies who have short or thin hair, as they stay on quite easily.

Having decided on the type of fixing you require for your fascinator, then you have the problem of the colour.  Should you try to match it exactly to the rest of the outfit?  this is an extremely difficult thing to do, as colours vary considerably in shade.  If you are in doubt about finding a good match for your dress or suit, you might like to consider a contrasting colour. So if you have an ivory dress, you could try navy accessories or vice versa. 

Here at The Little Things In Life we have a large range of fascinators on clips, combs and head bands, in many different sizes from the petite Margaret and Louise to the grand Goodwood and Claudine.  There are so many styles and sizes to choose from, so we hope those of you in need of a beautiful fascinator will find something to please you.


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