Fascinators for Fine Hair

Many of us ladies who have been invited to a wedding, are planning a day at the races or are off to a garden party will want to wear something on our heads to complete our outfits. In the past the answer to this was to wear a hat, but these days hats are not always appropriate and many ladies find difficulty in keeping them on their heads, for if the day is windy, one always worries about whether the hat will blow off!

The answer to this dilemma is to wear a fascinator. Hair fascinators usually come with three different types of fixing: comb, headband and clip. Now, if you have fine hair, you may wonder what type of fascinator is best for you and which will stay in your hair. We wouldn't recommend hair comb attachments, because if your hair is fine, especially if it is short as well, a hair comb could have a tendency to slip out gradually over the course of the event you are attending.

A clip fascinator is a possibility, but there again, it is always possible, especially if the fascinator is quite large, the weight may make it slip down your hair.

The answer to your problem is to wear a headband fascinator, then it won't matter whether your fine hair is long or short as the headband sits nicely over your head. You can then wear a small, medium or large headband fascinator, according to your taste, and here at The Little Things In Life, we have a marvellous array of stylish headband fascinators in many different colours and styles, so you can attend the wedding, the races or the garden party without worrying about your headwear falling out during the day.


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